Our Team

Image by James Donaldson
Steve Moeller
General Manager


Steve has been involved in the Traffic Management Industry for over 25 years. 


Steve was the founding  owner of All Points Traffic Management in South Australia and has worked at a senior management level with some of Australia's more recognised national traffic management providers.

Steve brings a wealth of experience from across many industry sectors to the business, but in particular, his knowledge and familiarity with the traffic management industry is a big asset as we go forward.

Steve is responsible for strategic direction,  growth and development of Seychell Traffic - and he has the ability to assess, innovate and improve the business financially, culturally and efficiently.


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Jason Sims
Operations Manager


Jason has been involved in the Traffic Management Industry for nearly 5 years and has a broad range of Management experience across many industry sectors. 


Jason a strong commitment to customer service and compliance.  This combined with his industry knowledge keeps him in touch with what’s important to the people he does business with and he'll go over and above to achieve positive outcomes with Clients, Suppliers and staff alike.


Jason's ability to solve problems and think outside the box makes him an integral part of the Seychell Senior Management Team.


Image by Cristofer Jeschke
Tracey Dowse
Office Manager


Tracey has over 15 years’ experience in financial management and has worked in a number of related roles in various industries where she has been responsible for company accounts and office administration.

Tracey is competent in all aspects of the accounts receivable / payable & payroll functions within the business and she has the ability to accommodate, assess, implement and improve both, business finances and efficiencies.


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